Happy Birthday, Britney! w/ Dana Sumner-Pritchard

Main Topic: Britney Spears's Birthday

The forever-reigning Queen O' Pop Britney Jean Spears blesses us with another year of existence. The queers enlist actor Dana Sumner-Pritchard to help us rejoice in her legacy and predict the future of her career.

Catching Up

It's Philly's birthday! Go wish him a happy a birthday on Instagram! Johnny is preparing for a return to Arkansas and planning his Way with Words music video shoot. Juju gets excited for his sister Vanessa's first trip to New York City in years!

Queer Artist Spotlight

“Photocopy” by Johnny Darlin


Be Our Guest!

We talk about only child syndrome, Hollywood's fear of curvy actresses and fundraising with producer and actor Dana Pritchard-Sumner!

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Nurse Dom! (Pop News Emergencies)

Is Taylor Swift a revolutionary? We talk about that and more on today's episode.

Queer Artist Spotlight

“You're On My Kiss” by Johnny Darlin