The Grammys?.. I Don't Know Her w/ M the Myth

Main Topic: Are the Grammy's Queer?

With a slew of female and queer nominees, we reflect on the purpose of the Grammy's in modern pop music, with stellar assistance from pop music artist M the Myth.

Catching Up

Johnny bejewels his keytar Keely, Juju enjoys a week of family visits, and Philly reflects on an amazing birthday week.

Queer Artist Spotlight

“Holy Stoner” by M the Myth

Be Our Guest!

We talk about gender identity, building a music career in New York City, and family trauma

Nurse Dom! (Pop News Emergencies)

Teegan and Sara write a new book, Cardi B shows her human side on CBS Sunday Morning and Ariana Grande is BACK at it with her "Thank U, Next" music video.

Queer Artist Spotlight

“Just a Little Bit” by M the Myth