Spice Up Your Life! w/ Bitch

Main Topic: Spice Girls (Royalty Review)

The Spice Girls are reuniting for a Summer 2019 Stadium Tour, forcing us back into a nostalgic haze to explore when we first fell in love with pop music.  Join us for a time warp!

Catching Up

Juju gets excited for the New York City arrival of Jollibee and his family, Philly returns to Delaware for Thanksgiving and Wawa’s, and Johnny’s fantasy of playing with a band comes down to earth.

Queer Artist Spotlight

Poem Reading: “Narcissism” by Bitch

Be Our Guest!

We talk about psychedelics, open mics, and feminism with upcoming pop superstar Bitch!

See Bitch & Johnny Darlin Live!

Troubador Lounge @ Bowery Poetry Club

Sunday, Nov 25 at 6PM

Nurse Dom! (Pop News Emergencies)

Mariah’s new album “Caution” is taking over ours lives, Kehlani struggles with being a publicly queer pregnant pop star, and Robyn is trying to sell out Madison Square Garden.

Queer Artist Spotlight

Acapella Performance: “Mantra” by Bitch