“Blocked by a Swiftie #SNAKE”

Main Topic:  “Look What You Made Me Do”
We discuss queen snake’s new single and music video… We spill T, burn white feminism to the ground and disrespect the lack of the craft coming out from the world’s resident self-identified victim.

Queers on Queens:

Our Queer-Ass Lives: Sick, Italy, Mariah
Johnny is SICK; you fuckers better tweet us or he won’t survive! Philly gives us a vocal journey through his gorgeous trip to Italy.  Juju traveled to Madison Square to see the QUEEN Mariah Carey and Lionel Richie.  Despacito ft. Justin Bieber is unfortunately tied with Mariah Carey and. Boys to Men’s “One Sweet Day” for longest running #1 song.  Let’s root for this to not go to a takeover.

Pop News: Katy and the VMA’s
Philly takes down Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” music video, saved only by Nicki Minaj’s existence.  Juju had to turn off the VMA’s.

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VMAs 2017


Intro Song: “Anna Wintour on the Floor” by Juju Garcia



Main Topic:  VMA Predictions!!

The biggest pop music award show is this Sunday, and we give our hopes to Alessia Cara and other young and rising pop queens, while remaining of the recent reincarnations of Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.  Then, we give you those hot takes on all our picks for all the important noms.



Our Queer-Ass Lives:

Philly is going to Italy, Johnny is getting ready to visit lovers and friends in LA, and Juju is visiting his tattoo artist BFF in San Francisco - check out her work here:  blackserum.com/neko.


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Pop News:

Johnny brings up freshly-publicy-queer Aaron Carter, only to talk about Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan.  Juju is NOT OKAY with Seattle not being into Beyonce.  Philly puts new queens Dua Lipa and Bebe Rexha into conversation.

Seattle article on Beyonce: http://bit.ly/2wHBAUD   

Japanese QUEEN Naomi Watanabe:  http://bit.ly/2xlNwbX 


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Pop Music & Mental Health


Intro Song: “City Glow” by SuperKnova


Outro:  “I Hear Them Calling” by Rae Spoon



Main Topic:  Sinead O’Connor and the Importance of Mental Health

This is a very difficult time for everyone in the country, so the iconic Sinead O’Connor having a very public mental health breakdown begged for conversation. We are frivolous and glittery, but at the end of the day, mental health is a REAL issue within the queer experience, as well within the female pop star experience.  If you need to talk to anyone we are here for you and for anonymous/professional resources:




Our Queer-Ass Lives:

Johnny’s dad came to town, and the queers saw Earth, Wind & Fire and CHIC at Madison Square Garden; also, go see Drunk Shakespeare with Kelsey Lipsky (bit.ly/2v1m0Om)!  Juju shares a unique sexscapade with a Halal truck guy #WhiteSauce!  Philly has an update on the “WORK CRUSH SAGA”, and it is MAJOR!!! (and complicated, sigh)


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Pop News:

Juju gags over Rihanna’s Carnival costume photos.  Phil dismantles Camila Cabello’s follow-up singles to “Crying in the Club” #GetItTogetherGURL!  Johnny conspires about Lana Del Rey making a compilation album of the hundreds of leaked unreleased songs floating throughout the internet.


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Selena Gomez vs. Demi Lovato


Intro Song: “Libido’s Hum” by CristalC

Soundcloud:  bit.ly/2unq4xd

Produced by sky the dog: soundcloud.com/skythedog


Outro:  “All is Well” by Pansy Boys

iTunes:  apple.co/2unWU0L


Main Topic:  Selena vs. Demi

More than ever, their careers are becoming fun-house mirrors of each other.  We go into how Selena figured out the perfect way to utilize her voice and is garnering major cultural cache with her perfectly edgy choices, while Demi has always had the pipes and is growing into a world-class live performer.  Selena is a perfect career-obsessed robot; Demi is a human with a torrid past.


Our Queer-Ass Lives:

Juju shares his rape experience.  We want to let you know you have support groups around you, including us.  If you ever need immediate and/or private help, please call 1-800-656-HOPE.  Johnny puts “Girls Trip” and “Beauty and the Briefcase” into conversation.  Philly participates in Camp Highlight, a wonderful summer program for children from LGBTQ families.


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Pop News:

Philly recommends watching the young queer love story “In a Heartbeat”: bit.ly/2vCQStd.  Johnny leads us in mourning Britney’s last month of Vegas residency.  Juju leads us into the hurricane of what is currently one Ms. Mariah Carey’s career in 2017.


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Lust for Lana


Intro Song: “The Palace” by Sweeping Exits


Outro:  “Restless Mind“ by Merce Lemon



Main Topic:  Lana Del Rey’s “Lust for Life”

We talk about her unique place in music as an icon of nostalgia, a voice from the devil’s corneas, and her continued progression into a simultaneously pioneering and nostalgic soundscape.  Johnny Darlin confirms one NEEDS green assistance in order to really form the proper connection with this song, and we all agree the title track is THE BEST among a basket of jewels.


Our Queer-Ass Lives:

The queers discuss Johnny’s iconic 19th birthday weekend (we swear he’s 19), including a Carly Rae Jepsen EMOTION dance party, a fabulously queer Caribbean night at Langston’s and our stalk-ation of a hot bus boy at Sweet Chick named Jacob.  JACOB, TEXT US!


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Pop News:

Johnny tries to make Mandy Moore happen again, because reportedly she is preparing for a music-comeback.  Philly gags us over CharliXCX’s new self-directed music video for “Boys” - featuring the hot bodies of Diplo, Whiz Khalifa, Jay Park and more succulent more!  Juju asks his fellow queers to unpack the news of Dr. Luke’s legal team subpoenaing Lady Gaga’s text messages with Kesha.  It’s simply a bit too much THIS WEEK! UGH! The world!


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Rihanna’s Voice & We Feel So Summer

We though it’d be a simple “song of the summer” episode, but then Rihanna came up~


Queer Artist Spotlight

Intro: “Overdressed” by TWINKIDS

Outro: “Hurricane Lifeline” by My Gay Banjo


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Show Notes:

Johnny dishes on Iggy Azalea’s (remember her?) production company confirming a track on her upcoming album will feature arch enemy Azalea Banks.


Philly gives us the T on why Jay-Z’s 4:44 MATTERS to the queer community and to our QUEEN-WORSHIP podcast.


Juju falls head-over-heels in love with St. Vincent’s new career-changing track “New York”.


We all declare our songs of the summer:

Johnny:  “Wild Thoughts” feat. Rihanna (by DJ Khaled)

Juju:  “Love Galore” by SZA

Philly:  “I Want You Back” by Haim


We thought it would be a simple “song of the summer” episode, but really it hurricane’d into a full worship of Rihanna’s vocal growth into a cultural icon all it’s own.


Juju suggests Rihanna’s voice will be THE ONE remembered from our time.  Michael advocates that Rihanna is somewhat of the Madonna of our time, but Philly points out how unexpectedly family-friendly Rihanna’s freedom is.


Also, Webster Hall announces it’s closure while we are on the air. LIVE REACTIONS (mostly confused LOL).

Not a Kesha Episode

Intro Song: “Ready to Break” by Johnny Darlin

From his upcoming EP “Push”



Outro Song: “Ship Tools” by Cameron Toy

From “No Good Art in Paradise”



#PRAYING that anything else in the female pop landscape becomes relevant aside from Kesha. JK, we are OBSESSED with this moment. JK, we don’t talk about Kesha at all this episode we promise.

Philly updates us on the work crush saga, Johnny makes a return performance at the event that started it all and Juju had a rapturous Fourth of July weekend.

We each provide a diverse set of news topics that have nothing to do with Kesha.  Really!  Johnny talks UFO’s, I talk fashion and Philly talks Times Square Billboards.

JK You guys, we are fucken trolls!

Our main topic is the inimitable, iconic, legendary, phoenix-like Kesha “Ke$ha Rose” Sebert, y’all!!!!!  She is back with a video that shocked us all awake again “Praying”.  We talk her illustrious, misunderstood career as a pop star and songwriter, as well as, of course, the intense legal proceedings effecting her creative expression and public image - the rape “allegations” against Dr. Luke.

Hear what we have to say and sound off!

Twitter: @queersonqueens

EM: queersonqueens@gmail.com

Broken Mics & Acrylic Nails

Intro song: “Castles Mansions Champagne“ by Juju Garcia


Outro song: “Black Light” by Dakota Jones



Attention!: This show description was dictated into my computer because I have the most debilitating acrylic nails. My computer sucks though; guess what else sucked? Our Mike's! Our microphones! The audio from our Mike's was so bad that we decided to have me recount our entire conversation on the wine. Ha ha Ha! So welcome to queers on Queens bitch and get ready

Phil met a boy on the upper west side after a lovely day in Central Park with his coworkers/friends and he met a crazy group of personal trainers that made him do the cancan

I'm at the friend of a shake Kool-Aid fan fell and Phil's friends wrote on a cardboard sign to give this boy is the number and the boy was too drunk and said I'll text you tomorrow

Hey protect infant Sat they've been texting since Saturday

We talk about Patty Labelle we saw her Friday and a thunderstorm she is a vocal slaves queen she rode our lives

Very man in the belts me out of gay pride event at a bar

Magazine it was uplifting pride that was such a good turn out but not as much as last year we thought.

BT awards team are Braxton Remi mom\\\

Take the l Nicki

Not in the rock-a-bye English group collaborated Marina and the diamonds

I'm a drag race was amazing in that I am Sasha Valore won the reunion was insane Valentina is amazing she's also insane drag race is the bomb and we are really happy that Sasha from our whole neighborhood watch

Go by FiFi Dobson don't go we shade Johnny for picking this song FiFi Dobson that has married a white guy

Jhon Ni stands up for himself

Janet Jackson together again France lost from HIV aids we tell Phil to listen to that song every day because he feels hole and grounded and connected to others

I'm coming out by Diana Ross OK!

We say bye

“Witness” the “Melodrama” of a “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom”

After a trip to Katy Perry’s Pop-Up headquarters in LA, the queers launch into a discussion about her, Lorde’s and Halsey’s changing places in the queer communities hearts.

Britney Spears is on her Asia Tour, and had a very special moment with her fans IN THE PHILIPPINES!  Mariah Carey’s manager Stella produces another horrendous product launch - this time her gay pride merchandise collection.

While in LA, Philly visited Katy Perry’s Witness What Happens Headquarters.  This launches the queers into a conversation about Katy’s quickly changing and complicating place in the queer community’s hearts and in the pop culture space.

All the queers are on board for Lorde’s comeback “Melodrama”!  She sheds off her gremlin, witchy costume and slithers into a sexy, honest new skin.

Halsey blatantly disses her own new album “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom”, which is the exact authenticity and fragility which makes her a queer icon, traits that will last must longer than stunty albeit amazing bisexual duet.

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Pre-NYC-PRIDE: Halsey, Olly Alexander, Apple Music Queer Playlists

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Social Mediasss:

The Show: Twitter:  twitter.com/queersonqueens

Juju Garcia:  instagram.com/jujugarcianyc

Johnny Darlin: instagram.com/johnnydarlin

Philly Hughes: twitter.com/PhillyPurfect

Johnny talks about his upcoming EP and lovers he made in Prague!Phil updates us on “work crush” and an upcoming rendezvous in L.A.  Juju skewers NYC Taxi’s and U.S. Customs & Borders in the brand-new Trump Fucken America.

Today’s New Topics:

Juju reviews Camila Cabello’s new single written by Sia “Crying in the Club”, a hit with a nod to Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle”.

Johnny fries an unnamed pop culture writer that still thinks the rest of the world isn’t aware that Queen Britney Spears hasn’t sang a live note in decades.

Philly talks about Carly Rae Jepsen’s new single “???” not climbing the charts as it should. White gays and fag hags, where you at?!

Main PRIDE Topics: Halsey’s new album, Olly Alexander’s blossoming career and Apple Music’s queer playlists with the resulting conversations about identity and queerness in pop music.


Season Premiere: Ariana, Miley, Katy

Season 2 is here!  The Queers reunite during a pretty sensitive time for our Queens.  We discuss the tragedy in Manchester and resulting beautiful conert One Love Manchester.  We touch on an anniversary for the (late?) great Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry's trifling ass, and then, of course, the big cahuna of current cultural frustration: Destiny Hope Smiley MILEY CYRUS.  Here we go!

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Season Finale: Dolly Parton

Our first round of episodes has been life-altering, and we’re so happy to see so many new subscribers.  So, we’re taking a few weeks off to prep for a bigger and queerer Season 2!

In our Season 1 finale, we discuss reigning queen of a genre most wouldn’t expect to be discussed on a queer podcast - one Ms. Dolly Parton!  

We were like an Upper East Side chihuahua that founda fresh dildo with this episode.  We discuss her pure & simple talent, her quietly transgressive lifestyle, and her allyship (sometimes more than expected; other times questionable).  This episode goes deep but as always we're having a gay ol' time.

Enjoy and we’ll see you for Season 2 in a couple of weeks!  Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and MOST IMPORTANTLY share with other queers and allies.  Let’s create a community, y’all.

"Hey QT"... "Yeah?!"

Charli XCX collaborator PC Music’s deeply weird project with an NYU Gallatin (the weird school) graduate, “Hey QT” isn’t a person, it isn’t a podcast, it’s a drink… And a song… Sort of?

Tune in to our weirdest, funniest episode yet, as we merely attempt to unpack “What the hell is Hey QT” YEAH!

#Weird #ThesaurusPlease

R&B Queen: Kehlani “SweetSexySavage”

We’re discussing our first newly-minted R&B Queen Kehlani!  Her album SweetSexySavage came out earlier this year, and we all felt like sitting around with a glass of wine and talking that talk.  


Cheers!  To our favorite Queer&Queen of the moment, killer vocals, tender songwriting, has one song that may be more R&B than Destiny’s Child’s entire discography, solid albeit suspicious pop productions.  To Kehlani!

Maren Morris: Country's Pop "Hero"

Johnny, Juju and Philly discuss what country's "Diva O' de Day" Maren Morris and her Grammy-nominated debut album "Hero" mean - not only for women in country but for artists across the board.

Listen in and tell us what you think.  Visit us on Facebook or Twitter at @queersonqueens.  Leave us a comment, call our asses out or just partake in the festivities that is the Queers on Queens world.  We'll see you there!

Rupaul: An Accidental Introduction

After serving you a bit of “Love Takes Time” at the intro, we get into what we thought was going to be a standalone episode about Queen of Queens/Drag Monster/Legend Rupaul, but after contentions and fascinations pop up, we realized Rupaul needs at least a Part 2, if not also a Part 3, 13, 30…

Enjoy as we begin our exploration into the career of artist/activist/icon Rupaul MOTHERFUCKEN Charles.

Make sure to tune into Season 9 of Rupaul’s Drag Race on VH1 @ 8/7c. <3 Love you all!

Cascada's Comeback - "Run"

Tier-2 Queen Philly is ready and willing to fight to the death for Cascada's comeback, following the release of their new single "Run".

We go back in time to high school (not very long ago, actually, maybe even just a year or two... or more) to remember their favorite albums of them pep ralley days.

Then, onto discussing the comeback of Eurodance pop group Cascada's latest single "Run" - an addictive, swirling new dance track that Philly seems to think is the 2nd coming of Christ.  Johnny and Juju MUST have read a different bible.  Listen in as the queen's fight over and then come around to bonding over the new trash hit.